Beloved Quilts for the Homeless

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beloved Quilts in the News on Service Day!

Laura Steinman, one of our faithful Beloved Quilts sew-in participants held a sew-in at her home on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. Her sew-in event was covered by Channel 4 News, and was aired on the evening news between footage of Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Obama. That felt pretty amazing! You can watch the video here:

And a numbers update: We have 1 more to give away to hit our "100 quilts given" goal! Wow! We gave 6 away to the Somerville Homeless Coalition last week, and we have 8 quilts started and being worked on by a 4H troop- which brings us to 99!!! So, I believe that we will SOON reach our goal of giving 100 away.


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