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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gotta Love State Senator Pat Jehlen and her Director of Constituent Affairs, Lauren Sacco!

So I called Senator Jehlen's office today to voice my concern over the budget leaving off the Massachusetts Family Networks and I was received on the phone by Lauren Sacco, Jehlen's Director of Constituent Affairs. Lauren immediately remembered me from when she helped me out in the winter. She helped the Beloved Quilts Project by arranging all of our quilts to be run through the metal detector to catch any pins accidentally left in our quilts before giving them away. This was actually extremely helpful, because it takes a LONG TIME to find a pin in a quilt, and we had A LOT of quilts to run through before giving them away- so it was a HUGE GIFT to us. Anyway, I just mentioned my name on the phone, and Lauren totally remembered me and told me how she and Senator Jehlen keep up with what we're doing. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? I love having a state senator who truly cares about the homeless and truly supports and encourages those who are trying to make a difference with economic disparity! She even gave fabric from her own collection to be used in our quilts.

Anyway, I don't know how many Americans get the genuine pleasure of learning that their state senator truly cares about what they're doing- but I got that gift today. So, three cheers for Pat Jehlen and Lauren Sacco for encouraging this quilting constituent!!

In other news, I had the amazing pleasure of giving one of our quilts to a man in the rain. It was such a profound experience for me. This man was standing on the yellow dividing line on Memorial Drive in Cambridge, asking for money. I was driving and thinking, "darn, I don't think I have anything to give him, and then, WAIT, I HAVE QUILTS IN MY TRUNK!!!" So, I pulled over into a gas station, and opened up our banged up back end of our minivan and gave him a quilt. IT WAS AWESOME! He told me that he just got himself into a house and that he was so excited to have this quilt because his other one is totally tattered and falling apart. He told me he was a Vietnam Vet and looking for a good bible study. I called my church, the Greater Boston Vineyard and asked about small groups and told him about our services downtown, closer to where he lives. He was so grateful and excited about the quilt. This particular quilt was great for a man because it had some green bowling flannel and green and white striped man's shirt material. He loved it! I also felt something deep and profound, like the Spirit of God working through me or something when I looked him straight in the eye and said, "This quilt is for you because you are beloved." It was so deep and humbling and made me cry.

So, if you're quilting with us, and you take one of our quilts to give away, please share your story of giving and we'll put it up here!

Our next sew-in is Saturday, June 7th from 12-6 in the chapel of the Cambridge site of the Greater Boston Vineyard Church at 170 Rindge Ave. in Cambridge.

Hope to see you there! Bring your machines & thread and we'll supply the rest!!!
lots of love,


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