Beloved Quilts for the Homeless

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Much Thanks to So Many People!!

Thank you to everyone who came to the Beloved Quilts Gala!
Thank you for supporting this cause and loving those displaced
by violence or poverty or struggling with homelessness, we are
so grateful that you're here with us!

Thank you to the Somerville Arts Council. The Beloved
Quilts Project is supported in part by a grant from
the Somerville Arts Council, a local agency supported
by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Huge THANKS to All Participants in Every Beloved
Quilts Project Sew-In or Center Square Making Party!
Thank you all so much! There were more than 100
participants, and we were so busy making quilts that
we forgot to gather names, so you know you who you are
and we are so grateful for your loving handiwork! We
actually would love to compile a list of participants,
so, if you in some way helped out with making these
quilts, or know names of people who did, would you
please shoot an email to and we'll
log the names down. Thank you!

Special thanks to Sara Dalton for coming to almost
every sew-in, Victoria Blalock for a whole tailor's
workshop worth of fabric and hosting numerous center
square making parties, The Boston Vineyard Women's
Retreat 2006 for the first 18 Center Squares, Elaine
Shirron's 4H Group, Lexington Christian Academy for
having Beloved Quilts as an Interim Class, Vineyard's
Summer Camp 2006, Lilly Bekele Piper & the Cambridge
Montessori School, Saint Bartholomew's of Needham's
CCD program, Saint Ingatius of Chestut Hill's Sunday
Art & Education Program, The Aguilar Family for
having Beloved Quilts be the center of a Birthday
Party, Chelsea Vessenes & her small group for getting
these quilts ready to be shown, Vera Gropper & Diane
Driscol for their donation of sewing machines, Agnes
Cassano, for her donation of fabric, and every single
person who helped us put these quilts together in any
way! Blessings on all of you!

State Senator, Patricia D. Jehlen, for her donation of
Fabric and her Director of Constituent Affairs: Lauren
M. Sacco and the Massachusetts State Rangers for
running the quilts through the metal detector to make
sure the quilts are "pin free" before giving them

The pFactory Board & Committee Heads:
Deidre Tao, Arden O'Donnell, Amy Carlin, Angel & Ian
Jackson, Kate Alley, Melisa Hughes, Sara Dalton,
Erica Chien, Victor Turner, Yanni Liu, Nina Bilimoria,
Pascha & Paul Griffiths.

The Beloved Quilts Gala Team:
Event Coordinator Extraordinaire: Deidre Tao,
Hospitality: Chaline Thande, Welcome & PR: Kate Alley,
Quilt Sponsorship: Heather Ray, Decorations: Stephanie
Acker, Logistics: Kristina Kaiser, Tech: Dominic
Recruitment & Invitations: Pascha Griffiths, Program &
Craft Cards: Angel Jackson, Photography: Mary Kocol,
Lisa Calderon, Laurie Bittman, Videogrpahy: Adam
Guzewicz & Garry Ratliff, Sponsor Cards: photo by Mary
Kocol, card by Lisa Calderon, Cheese Table: Esther
Splaine, Appetizer Chef: Paul Kurtzman, Event
Volunteers: Bond Hsu, CJ Piona, Carolyn Working,
Danielle Demaianiuk, Meredith Seifurt, Nthabi Mabuza,
Mauryn Kkira, Neil W. McCabe,Maggie McClellan,
Barbara Brescia, Jemima King, Sara Jorgensen, Sheila
Reeder, Caitlin Dalton, Chris Unander, Kate & Andre
Andres, Brian Gorman, Fulvio Corradi, R. Scott Tullock
Nelly Salas, Ife Rollins, Erin Fitzgerald,Laura
Fitts, Grisel Vazquez, Sherie Laurie, Rebecca Kidwell
Damien Moye, Sarah Vessenes, Jessica Finch, and all
the Cookie Makers! Yum, thank you!

The Pastors, Staff & People of The Greater Boston
Vineyard Church who've given so much support,
encouragement, many volunteer hours and generous use
of space for all sew-ins and this Gala. Special Thanks
to Danny Tao for including Beloved Quilts in a recent
sermon, Christopher Greco for the Arts Ministry & for
"checking in" at the sew-in, Brian Housman for
extremely thoughtful & wise counsel, Chi-Ray Chien for
helping with logistics (it's always needed!), Marianne
Snekvik, Laurie Walle & Angel Jackson for including
Beloved Quilts at Mom to Mom, Kate Tyo for all the
Space Scheduling, Esther Cho for figuring everything
out all the time, Amy Thaggard for rescuing Caleb,
Adam Bakun for always pointing in the right direction
with kindness, patience & cheerfulness, Kristina
Kaiser for being a dial-up Wikipedia, Alissa Weigel &
Angel Brown for continued kindness & endless
transferring, Bob for helping get the quilts up, Jim
Banks for hanging the first batch of quilts, My Small
Group & cluster for all the prayer, cookie making, &
support, and Dave Schmelzer for a sermon on
"Practicing the Presence of God" which got this whole
thing ignited.

Boloco, Davis Square Somerville for sponsoring a
delicious meal for all sew-in participants, and
willingness to show our quilts.

JP Licks, Jamaica Plain for hosting the February quilt
show for our Valentines Quilt Give-away.

Good Food Café, Cambridge for displaying a Beloved

Polartec/Malden Mills for the donation of fleece to
make 100 quilts.

Fabric Corner, Arlington for the deep discounts.

Boston University's PR Lab program and Beloved Quilts
Project's marvelous PR students/agents: Sharonda
Daily, Danielle Gadi, Jimin Yoo, and Katie Delach.

The Journalists:
-Jennifer Cendrowski for spending quality time with
the Beloved Quilts Project then writing a fun article
about it in the Boston Globe, then coming back to make
a few more center squares.
-Kimberly Abruzzo for making a center square then
writing an article for the Somerville Journal &
Cambridge Chronicle.
-Nuria Chantre for participating at a sew in then
writing a piece on us in the Somerville News.
-Andrew Benjamin for covering the story for the Boston
University Free Press.

And, if you didn't hear the story about my frostbitten
toes & how God instantly healed me when I screamed out
"JESUS, HELP!" well, then I must most importantly
thank God for instantly turning my gray rubbery toes
red and putting a lasting burning concern for homeless
people's warmth on my heart and in my now
cold-sensitive WHOLE feet.


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