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Friday, September 28, 2007

17 quilts given away, 33 more done, 50 more to go!

So, I finally counted. It's hard to keep track of the numbers with so many quilts. They're so large and take up so much space and we have them stored in a few different places. But, I did count, and we are half-way to our goal of 100. I don't know how we're going to get to our goal of 100 by mid December- but I believe it will happen- or we will come close and finish up the rest afterwards.

We do have a sew-in tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 29th from 9am-6pm at the Multi Purpose Room of the Cambridge Vineyard Church at 170 Rindge Ave. in Cambridge.
For directions:

Please come join us! We have a lot of FUN work to do! If you can sew, please bring a sewing machine! If you can't sew, you're still totally valuable as one who can cut, iron, and place fabrics out on the quilts.

All Sew-ins are 9-6 at the Cambridge Vineyard Church. You can come for anywhere from 2 hours to the whole day.

Our remaining sew-in dates are:

October 13th Chapel (main floor of the Sanctuary Building to the right- where bagels are served on Sunday mornings)
Nov. 3 Chapel
Nov. 17 Chapel
Dec. 1 Dining Room (first floor of the Ministry Center)

We would be totally grateful if you have a group of people or organization who would like to participate in this project. It's great for schools, after-school groups, religious groups, parties, and groups of friends. Please contact Pascha if you would like to participate in this way! Help us reach our BIG SCARY GOAL OF MAKING 100 QUILTS!!
Pascha: 781-526-7004,

Hope to see you tomorrow and at our future sew-ins!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Pascha Griffiths in Today's Boston Globe, September 3, 2007

A profile of Pascha Griffiths appeared today in the Boston Globe. The printed piece has some great photos, but here's the online version:

Boston Globe: Quilters patch together help for the homeless

If you've seen the article and are interested in helping out, please email pascha[at]

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